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Therapy in Grapevine, Texas

Meet Our Team

Dandelion Mental Health Services is committed to providing exceptional therapy and coaching services for individuals, couples, and families in the DFW area. As a boutique private practice, we specialize in delivering expert counseling and psychotherapy services both in person at our Grapevine office and through virtual appointments. Our diverse treatment team empowers us to offer a comprehensive range of personalized mental health services tailored specifically to meet your unique needs.

With a wealth of experience, our highly skilled therapists excel at helping individuals of all ages discover joy and hope in their lives. Additionally, we are dedicated to nurturing the building and restoration of relationships. Through collaborative efforts, our goal is to identify and address the distinctive challenges and day-to-day stressors that may be impacting your life and relationships. Learn more about our accomplished counselors below.

Jess Wilson, MA, LMFT

Jess is a compassionate person who believes that people are inherently good and do the best they can. She loves to hear people’s stories and to help them discover the change they want to make in their lives and relationships. She is a firm believer that relationships can heal.

Throughout her career she has worked with children, individuals, couples, and families who are experiencing a wide range of symptoms. Trained in family systems, she is honored to help relationships bridge communication gaps and find the underlying meaning beneath interactions with one another leading to more valued connections in their relationships. Each individual and family is unique, and she does her best to help each client discover the solution that works best for them.

She has training in and experience utilizing play therapy with a variety of ages. Children are not yet fully developed cognitively or emotionally, this can make it difficult for them to express themselves verbally. She believes that through play children can communicate and process their needs and desires. She helps the child to identify their feelings and express them in appropriate ways, while they are also learning coping skills to use in everyday situations. 

Specializing in Anxiety, OCD, Depression & Trauma in Adults & Children, Parent/Child Relationships, and Family Dynamics

EMDR & PCIT Trained, Play Therapy and Sand Tray

Specializing in Anxiety, OCD, Depression & Trauma in Adults & Children, Parent/Child Relationships, and Family Dynamics

Therapy in Grapevine, Texas

Sara Galaso, MA, LMSW

Sara helps provide a safe space for individuals to explore the factors hindering their progress in life. When individuals feel hopeless and defeated because certain patterns seem insurmountable, Sara offers support throughout the journey of understanding and self-acceptance. She advocates for fierce self-compassion while guiding them through the awareness of old wounds. Sara acknowledges the courage required to confront self-sabotaging behaviors like addiction, emotional dysregulation, racing thoughts, and hypervigilance, and she stands ready to assist.

With expertise in addressing addictions, personality disorders, family of origin issues, and codependency, Sara collaborates with individuals on a joint venture of self-discovery. She believes in the healing capacity of individuals, guiding them to rediscover their true selves and establish meaningful relationships. Witnessing the transformative process is a profound honor for Sara.

Her objective is to deliver personalized therapy, incorporating psychoeducation, mindfulness practices, and enhanced coping skills to reconnect individuals with their authentic selves. Sara firmly believes in the inherent power within each person to grow and lead a more purposeful life.


Sara is also deeply passionate about ending generational trauma and breaking unhealthy patterns in family relationships. With specialized training in navigating grief and loss resulting from significant life changes such as death, divorce, infertility, and faith deconstruction, Sara is committed to facilitating healing and positive transformation.

Supervised by Melani Massey
CBT Trained, EMDR Trained, & Sand Tray Trained

Specializing in grief, addiction, parenting, and faith struggles.n
Works with teens-adults

Therapy in Grapevine, Texas
Therapy in Grapevine, Texas

Carrie Coplen, MS, NCC,

Supervised by Dr. Angela Martilik
EMDR, CBT, CBT-Insomnia, and ADHD Trained.
Nationally Certified Counselor.
Specializing in individuals, couples, trauma, ADHD, and life transitions.

Therapy in Grapevine, Texas
Therapy in Grapevine, Texas

Carrie's professional journey began with several years as a certified public school teacher in Florida, where she worked with children and young adults. Following this period, she made a transition out of the workforce to focus on raising her children, a decision that exposed her to the challenges and anxieties often associated with life's crossroads.

Having experienced firsthand the impact of significant life changes, Carrie recognizes the importance of positive mental health support during such transitions. This realization fueled her commitment to providing professional counseling, aiming to empathetically assist individuals in developing positive mental health strategies that enhance their self-worth and overall happiness.

Carrie specializes in various therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and Gottman-style couples therapy. Additionally, she is trained in EMDR trauma therapy, widely recognized as an effective approach for trauma treatment. Beyond her extensive training, it's essential to highlight that Carrie genuinely loves her work and values her connection with clients.

Covering an age range from 14 years old through adulthood, Carrie's focus encompasses child development, parenting, and helping clients navigate through challenges such as trauma, life transitions, anxiety, and depression. Her educational background includes a Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the Texas Tech University Health Science Center.

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